RidgeLine Fuel is the only performance nutrition organization specializing in mountain sports. Lead by
experienced dietitians with backgrounds of working with the military, with collegiate athletics and
Olympic athletics, our team of professionals will fuel you to reach your peak performance and continue
to improve you across your journey throughout training seasons and competition. Our mission is to
provide nutritional guidance to those in search of becoming their best version on all terrains with
convenience and affordability.


To all, be aware that only a Registered Dietitian is qualified and authorized to provide nutrition
counseling services. Other ‘Nutrition certifications’ obtained online by individuals and personal trainers
are not qualified and is outside their scope of practice. Seek nutrition guidance wisely.
Montana State Board of Medical Examiners – Nutrition Practice Law 24.156.13
“This law is a Licensure with Exclusive Scope of Practice. Only a licensed dietitian can provide nutrition
care including: assessment, goal setting, nutrition counseling, implementation, and evaluation. There is
no licensure pathway for non-RD. In addition to the minimum requirements to be a registered dietitian,
you may only practice as, and use the term “Nutritionist” in Montana if you have both a baccalaureate
AND either a master & or doctorate in Dietetics, Food and Nutrition, or Public Health Nutrition.”
Administrative Rules of the State of Montana
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