Hunter's Cutting Edge - Fuel Tactics

Anticipating the perfect shot, the perfect kill and providing an enduring supply of meat is what hunting is all about. The journey can be exhausting yet rewarding and strenuous yet fulfilling. To have the most successful season it is vital to ensure you fuel your body correctly to endure the wilderness that awaits you. Add hydration, sufficient caloric intake, and antioxidant rich foods to your preparation checklist~

1. Hydration- Fluid intake needs to match losses. One way to ensure this is to weigh yourself before and after exercise with the goal of no weight change. In general, the sensation of thirst is not perceived until a person has lost at least 2% of body weight. This loss is enough to negatively impact performance. Colder climates can affect thirst perception as well leading individuals to not consume adequate fluids. Depending on how 'heavy of a sweater' you are and current hydration status, consume 250-500 ml of fluids per hour. Be sure to plan for your body's needs and carry a full 3 liter water source, water purification system for the back-country (iodine tablets are weight efficient), and electrolyte packets. Electrolytes increase fluid absorption and aid in re-hydration efforts. To determine your electrolyte & hydration balance needs, inquire with us at

2. Sufficient Caloric Intake- Maneuvering through the back-country ascending and descending elevation for hours on end puts a huge demand on the body's energy needs. Planning for energy expenditures that are double or even triple than normal is vital for a successful hunt. As an example, a 150 pound person whose resting metabolic rate is near 1500 calories per day would need to plan to consume anywhere from 3000-9000 calories depending on intensity of the terrain, climate, and time duration of movement. Not only will you burn 2-3 times as many calories, but you need to pack nutrient & caloric dense foods to meet your needs. Nut butters & PBJ sandwiches, power bars, trail mix, and dehydrated meals are all good options to add calories to your trip. Balanced & caloric-dense meals before the hunt and planned meals during the hunt keep the "jitters" and "on edge" feelings away allowing you to focus on your target and the strength to move the kill out. While on the move Carbs are the best source of immediate fuel. To determine your resting metabolic rate and assessing your mountaineering energy demands, shoot us an email at Our dietitians are experts at building the perfect back-country fuel program so you can enjoy a successful hunt.

3. Antioxidant rich foods- Antioxidants, especially Vitamin A play a vital role in the health of our eyes. This power house nutrient keeps our eyes functioning, rebuilding & eliminating radicals that deteriorate our cells. To keep your focus clear and sharp be sure to consume Vitamin A rich sources in your daily diet such as carrots, orange & red peppers, goat cheese, butter & dried salmon.

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