Dealing with Inflammation, Injury and Healing

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) can

deteriorate cell functions including

proteins, carbohydrates, lipids which

are the components of our muscle

tissue, metabolic mechanisms and cell

membrane structures.

Major causes of Inflammation: Injury,

Disease states, Exercise


The body undergoes stress which

induces the metabolic system in

requiring more energy to aid efforts in

recovery. Emphasis on adequate

protein and calorie intake provide for

optimal and faster recovery as well as

preventative maintenance.

Major causes: exercise and accidents

CURRENT RESEARCH suggests individuals should be assessed by a Dietitian to evaluate the need for supplementation. Diet intake history needs to be thoroughly evaluated for deficiencies. Excessive intake above the set tolerable upper intake level (UL) could lead to toxicity and diminished performance. A whole foods and food first approach is the optimal way to consume adequate antioxidants to aid in reducing inflammation. For an example, the Mediterranean diet provides emphasis on adequate antioxidant intake. A high protein and high calorie diet is recommended for injury and recovery from trauma.


Vitamin C ~ Prevention of excessive oxidative stress related to performance enhancement and aging. This nutrient is required in the synthesis of collagen.

Omega 3/6 Fatty Acids ~ Aid in maintaining cell structure and lowering triglyceride levels for optimal heart health. Also involved in prevention of oxidative stress seen in rheumatoid arthritis.

Zinc ~ This nutrient is needed in synthesis of proteins and is required for enzymes facilitating our immune function.

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