Supplements vs Food

Before you put your hands on a supplement bottle know this! The supplement industry is worth billions of dollars and they know exactly how to speak to their customers. "Ultimate Fat Burner" "Shred body fat fast" "Higher levels of energy" "Max Gainer" "Accelerate your workout"

Here are the facts- short and sweet: Supplements are not regulated or held to the same standards as our food set by the FDA, USDA, and Department of Human Health Services. A few of the most common supplements uses- creatine, fat burners, whey protein products, pre-workouts, we can reap the same benefit from our food sources in our daily diet. However, there is credible research showing the improvements in performance or recovery with use of a few supplements such as creatine and beet concentrate (beta-alanine). The biggest piece of information to understand with research is that positive effects are mostly shown in a controlled environment. The environment the average athlete is exposed to including all competitions, is far from controlled. Time, work, money, weather, stress, family, food, meal preparation, mental health, and the list can go on all affect performance. The best way to save yourself money and get the correct information is to meet with a Dietitian to assess your diet habits, performance and establish a need if any exists. RidgeLine fuel dietitians will teach you how to analyze claims and articles, how to assess your diet and improve your fueling tactics for elite performance.

Elite Athletes Perfecting Performance

Elite athletes (Professional & Olympic) are held to uphold standards of integrity for equal competition, or at least they are supposed to. If an athlete chooses to use a supplement it must be certified for sport. In other words, tested by a third party to ensure the supplement is what it is claimed to be. NSF and IC (informed choice) are currently the only two third party organizations that test supplements for their integrity. If you choose to use a supplement, ensure that it is either NSF or IC tested. After all, you are putting a product into your body so ensure you know what it is.

Food equivalents of Supplements

Creatine 3-5g per pound of meat/fish consumed.

Beta Alanine 1-350mg/g found in leafy greens and root vegetables with leafy greens such as beets.

Whey makes up ~20% of the protein content found in milk. The other ~80% is casein.

Meet with a RidgeLine Fuel Dietitian to find out if a supplement is right for you.

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