Wild Game - Fuel for Performance

Updated: Oct 5, 2018


Protein is a vital nutrient for our bodies- used to repair tissues, growth, performance and the basis of training adaptations. Average adults need approximately 1 gram per KILOGRAM BODY WEIGHT (not pound- do the conversion!). Athletes needs vary from 1 gram to 2 gram per kilogram body weight. Game meat is the leanest for red meat consumption with one of the highest quality of amino acid profiles.


For increased protein synthesis to occur, a post recovery meal must be consumed within 2 hours in combination with a carbohydrate to maximize muscle synthesis and recovery.

Fuel Ideas: A few meal options and snack options

  1. 4 oz Deer Jerky with granola bar

  2. 4 oz of Elk chuck tips with 1/2 a yam

  3. 4 oz Bison burger with side salad

  4. 4 oz Elk steak with salad

  5. 4 oz Elk Jerky with Gatorade

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